Inside this book you will share treasured moments between a grandparent, NEMA, and her grandchildren. Love is the magic in all family relationships. It starts with experiencing everyday fun. Every time we learn something new, we create lasting memories. Nema shares the magic in these moments.


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Book Reviews for Nema’s Magic

The bond between grandparents and grandchildren is unique and vitally important for both generations. Nema’s Magic beautifully highlights the shared experiences that make this relationship so special, and subtly helps children understand that the magic – the love – lives on, even when our loved ones pass on.

– Amy Goyer, Nationally Recognized Grandparenting Expert


“Nema’s Magic” by new writer Barbara Donnellan is, in a word, magical.  Donnellan’s sensitive and loving story about the loss of a loved one celebrates that greatest gift of all, memories of a life well lived.  Suitable for young children and family reading, the book is beautifully illustrated, by award winning Michael Garland, and the story told through activities young children will easily relate to – gardening, singing and dancing and going to the beach with grandmother, the Nema of the story.  A poignant reminder that when a cherished loved one is gone, her spirit remains through the love of life she shared with her grandchildren.

– Diane Kresh, Director, Arlington (VA) Public Library


While she was a gift to everyone who knew her, Nema was a special gift to her grandchildren—and to the earth they will inherit.  Reconnecting humans—young and old—with the living world is perhaps as vital as anything we can do.  Nema knew that unless we all come to understand how our fate is linked to the fate of the soil and the living organisms it supports, our children’s grandchildren will not have a planet fit to play on.

– Joan Dye Gussow, Ed.D. Professor emerita of nutrition and education.


Reactions from two of Nema’s grandchild–

“Nema is always smiling down on us”

“I loved to eat tomatoes with Nema”….six-year old Grace

“Grandma watched me play sports right? ….six-year old Miles


Nema’s Magic

Nema’s Magic